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AWAKEN Bomb ? 75mg CBD


AWAKEN bomb ? with lemongrass, dried marigolds and 75mg CBD. This is such a great bomb to start your day! Boosts your immune system, while giving your spirit a lift as well!

Boosts metabolism, Mood enhancer, Minimizes pores and tightens skin, Immune system booster.



BLUE LAGOON ??? Come soak in a 75mg CBD bath with a light coconut aroma.   Coconut essential oils, magnesium flakes.

Moisturizes skin, Decreases headaches, Decreases skin ailments, Better nutrition absorption, Reduces inflammation, Reduces muscle aches.



Buzzy Bee??75MG CBD


BUZZY BEE??75MG CBD bomb packed with oatmeal, vanilla, honey powder and topped with golden bee pollen for a little shimmery kick!

Relieves skin irritations,  Anti-Inflammatory, Soothes Itchy Dry Skin, Anti-bacterial, Natural humectant.

CreamCaramel – Candle


Moroccan coffee, caramel and cannabis. Subtly infused with notes of cardamom, vanilla and sugar musk

The aroma of dark rich coffee, spices and sweet creamy caramel. To relieve stress, ease tension and whisk you away to more peaceful way of being.

DETOX 75mg CBD??


DETOX 75mg CBD?? These awesome bombs go quick! A blend of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, sea salt.

Improves respiratory circulation, Decreases headaches, Decreases seasonal allergies, Draws out impurities and heavy metals, Muscle and joint relaxation, Reduces pain and inflammation.

Highway Vegabomb 75mg CBD Bathbomb



Patchouli & orange EO, hemp seed oil, vitamin E, dried oranges


Natural antidepressant, Increases circulation, Relives Stress, Aphrodisiac, Alleviates skin Irritations, Helps Insomnia

LavenderKush – Candle


LavenderKush – lavender, clary sage and cannabis

Lavender, clary sage and cannabis. Subtly infused with notes of peony, fern and violet.

Enjoy a calm and peaceful time as the soothing notes of lavender make your world an easier place to live. A truly relaxing blend to pacify both body and spirit.

LemonDrop – Candle


LemonDrop – lemon, basil and cannabis

Lemon, basil and cannabis. Subtly infused with notes of lime, sage and soft woodsy cedarwood.

Our secret? We use the sweetness of Myers lemons. A clean, spicy combination to refresh, energize and stimulate the mind.

Pumpkin Spice 75mg CBD Bathbomb



Colloidial oats, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon bark EO, pumpkin spice oil, sea salt, pumpkin seeds.


Astringent, Immunostimulant, Anti-Oxidant, Lowers Stress, Increase Circulation, Boosts Brain Function

QueenGreen – Candle


QueenGreen – fresh cut cannabis

Fresh cut cannabis. Subtly infused with notes of ylang ylang, rosewood and mandarin.

Our signature candle. Created for sheer bliss. Lush, sexy, grounding and soothing. Get lit, and bask in a sense of relaxed harmony.

Release? 75mg CBD


This beauty’s name is Release made with a blend of essential oils that create a mellow vibe with a hint of citrus. Men really love these out of all the bath bombs….and of course 75mg CBD in each bomb!




These smell amazing thanks to the Grapefruit essential oil! REVIVE is loaded with benefits! Hangover relief, PMS, cramps, bloating, lymphatic stimulant and so much more! And most importantly 75mg CBD yall!!!

PMS cramps and bloating, Natural acne treatment, Increase blood flow, Lymphatic stimulant, Anti-fungal, Adrenal fatigue, Hangover relief, Fights bacteria.